Team Adam's Katrina Parker started the second round of live performances on 'The Voice' tonight (April 9) on a disappointing note, never quite bringing the Smashing Pumpkins classic 'Tonight, Tonight' to life.  Katrina was not fully to blame, as the radical rearrangement of the song did her no favors.

Before hitting the stage, the soulful 34-year-old talked about how an illness kept her from singing for a few years.  Luckily, Parker recovered and auditioned after host Carson Daly surprised her at her insurance job.  It was clear from the first time we met her that Parker's main issue on stage is confidence.  While practicing with Adam, she was encouraged to explore her individuality.  Adam threw out an Adele comparison, something we can definitely hear when Parker sings.

Performing in front of a violin section, the ethereal singer performed a more theatrical version of the song.  While the original is dark and moody, Katrina sang in a more clear-cut ballad way.  Compared to last week's on-stage production numbers, Katrina's set was unfussy.  The lyrics echoed Katrina's confidence issues perfectly, as she pleaded for the audience to, "believe in me."  She ended the performance with a few bum notes that brought the quality down slightly.

Christina Aguilera gave Katrina lukewarm praise, telling the singer she wanted her to "rock out more."  Cee Lo appreciated her commendable effort, but said, "The song should not ever be a show tune, it should remain cathartic."  Her coach, Levine, obviously praised her.  We have to agree with Cee Lo on this and are definitely worried about Katrina's prospects for tomorrow.

Watch Katrina Parker Perform 'Tonight, Tonight' on 'The Voice'