British singer Katy B brought her dubstep-influenced pop to a New York City rooftop to perform for Billboard's Tastemakers series. Accompanied only by her DJ, Katy played three dance songs with the setting sun and the NYC skyline behind her.

In addition to performing, Katy answered some questions about what inspires her musically. "When I'm looking at a song, it needs to have a real story and I need to relate to it in some way, whether that's heartbreak or being in love or anything," she explained. "When you can really feel something the singer's singing, it makes you want to dance."

Katy's debut 'On a Mission' reached the Top 20 on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart and hit No. 2 in the U.K. She said she doesn't take credit for the emergence of dubstep throughout pop music.

"There's definitely dubstep on my album but I certainly haven't pioneered the scene in any way. When 'On A Mission' came out it got so much support from the people who had been listening to that music for so long and it kind of pushed it up to into a place where it had attention from people who hadn't been listening to it for that long."

Watch Katy B Perform 'Lights On' at Billboard Tastemakers