Katy B has been working her promoting her debut album 'On a Mission' throughout Europe and the United States, so it's about time for her to take a vacation. She does just that in her new 'Movement' video, and to maximize the fun, Katy takes along a couple of her girlfriends.

The beginning of the clip shows Katy texting and lazily staring out the window as her ride speeds down the freeway. She meets up with her friends at the airport, and before long they're off to a sunnier location.

As Katy sings, "Give me movement, give me movement / I need some kind of improvement," she's shown taking a joyride in the back of a Jeep, dining outdoors, wandering through a shopping district, listening to CDs at a local record store, and sipping cocktails in a crowded bar.

In another scene, Katy lies poolside on an exotic property overlooking the ocean. That mirrors what she told PopCrush last month about her ideal vacation: "I’d definitely be on a beach somewhere. It would be a spa thing, getting pampered and rubbed down."

Her friends jump in the pool as Katy sings about "letting go of all my stresses." We can't imagine a more stress-free atmosphere than the one Katy B experiences in this video! 'Movement' appears on the Mercury Prize-nominated 'On a Mission.'

Watch the Katy B 'Movement' Video