It's almost Halloween, right? If you're going off of British popstar Katy B's orange hair and furry black ensemble, it would seem that way. We're still a few months out from the trick-or-treat festival of the year, but with Katy's new 'Witches Brew' video available now, we're inclined to break out the Scream masks a little early.

From the first few seconds, we know this video is bound to be ghoulishly good. The camera opens up to Katy B from above, where she's seen laying on the bathroom floor. The black drain that she has her head on, for some reason, emits puddles of black goop around her while she sings, but she doesn't seem to notice. If we had to guess, we think it's probably her doing, anyway.

Don't be fooled by Katy's ability to morph into three people, see inside her own mind or transport herself from one side of the room to another -- she's just misunderstood. When she takes a break from the dirty bathroom floor, she stands against a white light and a wind machine, promising to "make you feel so good," and it's almost irresistible. Almost.

We can't help but love this video, because not only is it reminiscent of 1993's 'Hocus Pocus,' but there's a creepy wolf a-la-'Twilight' too, and we're just slaves to mash-ups.

This, children, is why we don't take candy from strange women -- especially those who outwardly admit to competing in the broomstick Olympics. If Christmas can have July sometimes, then it's only fair that Halloween get August, per Katy B's request.

Watch the Katy B 'Witches Brew' Video