As she inches closer to the release of 'Prism,' Katy Perry is letting the light in and out. She has shared 90-second snippets of all 16 songs on the deluxe version of the album via iTunes.

It's a healthy taste of the record and is a drive-by listen, but it still gives you an idea of what we're in for when the album drops on Oct. 22.

We've focused on the tracks we had not heard before.

'Legendary Lovers' is an airy, lite electro pop gem, while 'Birthday' is familiar Perry fare, a close relative of 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),' thanks to its '80s backbeats.

Second single 'Unconditionally' is sorta epic and sorta EDM, with some beats under Perry's voice.

'This is How We Do' is not a Rita Ora cover. It's probably the most urban song on 'Prism,' a mini banger, if you will. 'International Smile' sounds fun, while 'Ghost' could be this album's 'E.T.'

'Love Me' is piano-y, while 'This Moment' boasts a a seize-the-day lyrical declaration. 'Double Rainbow' feels like a contemplative, adult contempo track. 'Spiritual' is a percussive, processed song with an '80s synth pop sheen while 'It Takes Two' feels like a song that 'Glee' should cover, with its ballad-esque nature.

'Choose Your Battles' has its blips and beeps, too.

That's our drive-by take on 'Prism.'

Listen here.