Katy Perry is rocking the sixth single from 'Teenage Dream' in hopes of making chart history with six No. 1s from one album. She is in full on promotion mode for the song and is already filming the accompanying video for the reminiscent and wistful 'The One That Got Away.'

Photos from the video shoot have surfaced, courtesy of the Katy Perry Lately Tumblr blog, and they feature the hair chameleon (who recentely went from black to ginger to blond to pink) sporting a white, elderly woman style wig. Oh Katy, you've aged!

Perry is only 26 in real life, but we're guessing, from the lyrics to 'The One That Got Away,' that the singer is going to age dramatically in the video like Brad Pitt in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' only not in reverse!

The wonders of CGI, prosthetics and makeup can work in concert to ensure that Perry will transform from a hard-bodied woman in her mid-20s into a senior citizen recalling the one that got away. Perry is also wearing a conservative black dress, a far cry from the latex she favors, to play Grandma Perry. We really can't wait to see the finished product, since Katy Perry as an elderly woman is a vision and a thought that intrigues us.