Fans are fixin' to get an up close and personal look at Katy Perry's life courtesy of an autobiography reportedly titled, 'Part of Me.'

According to The Sun, Perry has inked a $3.2 million deal to reveal personal details to her devoted KatyCats. The book, whose title echoes her 2012 movie, will delve into topics like her marriage and subsequent divorce from Russell Brand, among other hot topics like her budding relationship with former (for now) serial dater, John Mayer.

Her ex-husband Russell Brand has previously published two autobiographical books and there's speculation he might put out a third with details about his and Katy's relationship. A source told The Sun, "Several publishers have been after Katy for a while. She decided to go ahead so fans don’t have a one-sided story when Russell publishes another Booky Wook."

After all the press and touring she did around her 2010 'Teenage Dream' album, it's no wonder Perry is probably taking it easy. She hasn't announced much of anything in regards to new music, the most we heard was during her People's Choice Awards acceptance speech when she said, "I will be entertaining you… again. So back to the studio I go.”

Though now it looks like she'll be writing a book before anything goes down in the studio!

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