Want to know what it's like to have an all access laminate to a Katy Perry show? Well, Perry demonstrated what being in possession of that type of credential would be like when she offered a behind-the-scenes look at the East Coast dates of her California Dreams tour. Remember the Candyland board game? That's what this footage reminds us of, since Perry has constructed a fluffy, confectionary and sugary sweet scenario in her dressing rooms and with her costumes, of which there are many.

We follow Perry through Maryland and North Carolina, as well as New Jersey and Massachusetts, along with other states on the trek. The camera follows Perry, who in one part is shown getting her makeup done as she asks why she looks 45 that day. Her makeup artist responds to her question, telling her it's because she's dehydrated since she drank the night before. Perry then shoots the camera a sassy look, proving that even though she felt crappy, the good times she had were worth it.

The footage also shows Perry's crew and her manager, and there is an actual interview with support act Robyn. The 'Dancing on My Own' songstress astutely acknowledges that Perry "knows what it's like to be those girls in the audience. She knows how to talk to them and does it in a witty and respectful way. She knows their language." That's when the shot cuts to Perry onstage asking, "Does anyone feel sexy on a Saturday night?" We also see a K9 unit sniffing out one of the venues where Perry is performing. Safety first.

In addition to Robyn's praises, one of Perry's dancers refers to her as both a perfectionist and as generous. Perry's sister Angela is also shown backstage and as she transforms into Kathy Beth Terry from the 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' video.

The West Coast behind-the-scenes footage is coming soon.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Katy Perry 'California Dreams' Footage