Katy Perry is inviting her Katy Cats to get a behind-the-scenes look of her latest music video 'This Is How We Do.’ The colorful, costume-packed vid is as aesthetically bold as the rest of her videos, and just begs the question: Where does she get all of her wild ideas?

"There are so many incredible looks and designs and costumes and fashion pieces. It's a great combination of my love of Tumblr and modern art museums," the 29-year-old explained.

"When I'm on the road I like to go and see different museums, whether it's history or art or what have you, and lately I have been very drawn to modern art," she added with a laugh, pointing to her red, white and blue color block dress done in the style of a Piet Mondrian painting.

When she's not spending time in different museums in the cities she visits, she can be found scrolling through Tumblr, of course!

"Whether I'm in a car or on a plane, I'm always on Tumblr," the 'Dark Horse' singer admitted. "I follow the craziest people, but I love them because they have the most incredible creativity and imaginations."

There's no lack of creativity in Katy's numerous costumes for 'This Is How We Do.' She stars as a ping pong player, a karaoke star and a pizza enthusiast! To see all of her bright, bold looks come together, check out her full behind-the-scenes video above!

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