Katy Perry is a platinum-blond beauty queen with bleached eyebrows on the cover of Wonderland magazine.

Katy posted a photo from the shoot on Instagram with the caption, "TOMORROW one of [my] favorite shoots I've EVER done is coming out on @wonderlandmag There's a couple rotating covers... But here's a sneak [peek] for now!" The image Katy posted shows her white-blonde hair slicked back. Her bleached eyebrows nearly disappear above her brow bones. Her makeup is fairly understated, with slightly bronzed cheekbones and copper-dusted eyelids. She's wearing a feathered Fendi dress in the photo, which was shot by Christian Oita.

The drastic change in Katy's appearance shouldn't be too surprising for long-time fans of the pop star. Not only has she switched up her look an insane amount of times over the length of her career, but Wonderland pulled something similar last year when another pop star was featured on the cover. In case you need reminding, they gave Taylor Swift some pretty thick eyebrows back in November (which we still wish she had incorporated into her daily beauty routine, but whatever).

While we're not sure if the blond hair is Katy's actual hair or a wig, she did claim to chop it all off into a Kris Jenner-inspired pixie cut early last month, though the only evidence we ever saw of it came in a single photo...posted on April Fool's Day.

You can check out the rest of Katy's Wonderland covers over on their official site.

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