Playing Smurfette has left its mark on Katy Perry. In fact, the blue shade has literally rubbed off on the No. 1 hitmaker.

The 'Part of Me' singer is having a major affair with the color blue. Maybe that's what went wrong in her marriage to Russell Brand. We kid, we kid.

But the always styling pop diva turned up at a promotional event for her line of false eyelashes in a monochromatic look that went behind her hair and her form-fitting dress and '50s style ankle strap heels. She paired the ensemble with a blue bangle and ring, as well as black shades and frosty mauve lips. But most impressive was the fact that Perry's sweet ride to the event was also sky blue.

Check out the shot of Perry seated and waving while in the convertible. Only someone as naturally gorgeous as Perry could rock one hue like nobody's business. Obviously, Nicki Minaj isn't the sole pop star to have a serious case of the blues.

Given the fact that Perry is a style chameleon, we're predicting that she'll move on from blue in the near future. She's been rocking it for a while now and she's likely to try something else, sooner than later.