Aww! Katy Perry is such a good sister! The 'Part of Me' pop star took a break from celebrating her cat's 3rd birthday to support her little baby brother David Hudson, who had showcase in Hollywood.

A source told Us Weekly the songstress sat with her family members in a booth and sipped on a cocktail at the show. Good to hear she let her little bro have the limelight! Perry also ventured out without her boo John Mayer, perhaps so there would be no media frenzy on such a big night for her brother.

A picture from the event shows David rocking out hard on his ukulele, which is the driving force on his debut single, 'Chained.' We also want to note it looks as though his sister is in the far left corner of the picture applauding her brother, though we can't be sure!

His new track is definitely in the vein of indie-inspired acts like fun. and the Lumineers and it's a very catchy tune! The sound of the song is a far cry from his sisters bubble-gum pop sound, but then again, Katy could be the black sheep of the family!


Watch the HUDSON 'Chained' Lyric Video