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Little Mix’s ‘Salute’ Video

If you haven’t watched Little Mix’s new music video for ‘Salute,’ drop everything and go watch it right now. I’m serious, right now! The British girl band has taken the third single and title track of their sophomore album and transformed it into visual storytelling perfection. The song is all about female solidarity, calling for ladies around the world to “stand up and salute.” The choreography is impressively aggressive, the industrial backgrounds are fittingly grungy, and do not even get me started on how fierce the Little Mix girls look. ‘Salute’ excels at capturing the militaristic feel of the song while adding a sexy edge — did I mention there is leather and chains everywhere? Plus, as a former Spice Girls diehard, I’m always up for a girl-power anthem!

Blake Shelton's Tweet with Adam Levine's Number

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

This week I learned that Blake Shelton doesn’t mess around when it comes to pranks. He’s now ranked with the best jokesters after pulling a one-sided Twitter war against fellow ‘The Voice’ coach Adam Levine. When Shelton posted the singer’s cell number I could practically hear the excited screams of fans everywhere, probably because I was one of the screamers. I didn’t quite get up the courage to test the number out myself, but plenty of others did, because Levine’s phone shortly blew up. Sadly, the number has since been disconnected, and those of us who hoped to have brief contact with the rockstar, however unrequited, will have to wait for another day. Or at least for Shelton to pull another Twitter escapade.

Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour Costumes

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

All week Katy Perry has been posting teasers of her Pristmatic World Tour costumes on Instagram. Each outfit is bold, colorful, and just what you’d expect from the daring ‘Dark Horse’ singer. While I can’t imagine where I would wear any of the glitzy outfits — there’s no way I could pull off her hot pink leopard bodysuit at the grocery store… right? — I can’t help but feel jealous of and awed by the incredible artistry that went into each piece. Perry is known for her big, kaleidoscopic productions, and the works of costume art she has shared so far are sure to fit right in. I can’t wait to see Katy in all her costumed glory so I can experience those ensembles through her!