Katy Perry's dad, Keith Hudson, found himself on the receiving end of a fairly vitriolic rant this week after a woman accused him of being partly responsible for sending “millions to hell” — all because he’s Katy Perry’s dad.

Video of a woman ambushing the minister outside of a Phoenix Christian radio station made its way online. In it, she says a whole lot of nonsensical things like, “You claim to have a ministry? Minister your daughter, because that is needed more than ever!"

And: “You allow Katy Perry to play in the highway and she is taking you to Hell right along with her, including millions of young women and men who are listening to her videos.”

Then she attributes her falling-out with her son to Perry's music videos, saying, "You ought to know better. When you have a girl that walks with Satan the way she does…I have no relationship with my son because he is walking away from the Lord and he exploits it.”

She continued to blame everyone but herself, saying, “I am rebuking you because my kid watches your kid’s videos and it’s sending him to Hell because of the choice he made because of your daughter and your lack of discernment and direction.”

The woman eventually walks away, and Hudson -- who tried to defend his daughter multiple times throughout the video -- reportedly told TMZ that he feels sorry for the woman and thinks she’s just "a bitter and angry woman trying to blame my kid for her kid's mistakes.”

Watch the full confrontation in the video above.

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