Surprisingly, Katy Perry's wardrobe wasn't the worst part of her appearance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The 'Last Friday Night' songstress may feel like a queen when she's drunkenly dancing "on tabletops," but she will probably get knocked off that high horse after seeing footage of her own dance moves during Beyonce's 'Love on Top' performance.

Did you ever hear the phrase "dance like no one is watching"? Well, Katy Perry did just that and quickly established that impressive choreography is not her forte. During Bey's feel-good, doo-wop twinged performance, Perry was captured on tape as she swayed back and forth in an awkward two step and hand clap. She looked like she would blend in perfectly at your mom's 30th high school reunion.

Even though she was dancing like an awkward robot, we have to give Perry some credit -- that block of cheese on her head really hindered her chances of executing any cool dance steps. Also, she did admit to being "jealous" (via Mirror) of Beyonce's pregnancy, so maybe her mom-inspired moves were really just a hint to her hubby Russell Brand. Perry, 26, also said that Beyonce's pregnancy news "warms the cockles of my heart."

The 'California Gurl' may not have the best dance skills, but lucky for her it's her vocal chops and kooky, fun-loving personality that attracts people to the singer. We still love you, Katy!

Watch Katy Perry Dancing During Beyonce's 'Love on Top' Performance at the 2011 VMAs