Rumor has it that Katy Perry is now dating fellow musician, the well-traveled (at least in Hollywood dating circles) John Mayer. Perry finalized her divorce from comedian Russell Brand earlier this month, but that hasn't stopped rumors from spiraling that she's diving headfirst into the dating scene (again!) and hooking up with Mayer.

While Perry was supposedly dating guitarist Robert Ackroyd of Florence + the Machine earlier this year, Entertainment Wise reports that Perry and Mayer were allegedly seen getting cozy with one another, holding hands and cuddling, at the Soho House on July 19. That's a mere three days after her divorce from Brand was made official. Mayer is a notorious serial dater of Hollywood hotties, from Taylor Swift to Jessica Simpson. He recently went on record about his dalliance with Swift and how her reported song about their relationship was hurtful. Well, John, dating another pop singer is a recipe for history repeating itself, so if you are indeed involved with Perry, you may have a similar situation on your hands, dealing with your dirty laundry being aired in a song.

Perry and Mayer reportedly enjoyed a pizza date at her crib the next day.

Hollywood Life reports that Mayer's rep says they are not dating while a Perry source says she is crushing hard on the singer-songwriter. Mayer -- who recently moved to Montana -- has been sidelined with vocal cord issues, preventing him from touring.

For his part, Brand has already moved on, admitting that he loved Perry deeply while confirming that he is now dating Isabella Brewster.

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