The always bold and colorful Katy Perry drew some hair hue inspiration from an unlikely pretty likely source -- Animal from the Muppets!

The 'Roar' singer, color chameleon that she is, just dyed her black locks a vivid reddish-pink, posting the evidence on Instagram next to an image of Animal, the shaggy and wild red Muppet drummer.

But Animal wasn't the only childhood favorite that inspired the pop star to go red hot -- she also called out the similarities between her new shade and two other '90s kid faves.

"Got dat hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink," Katy captioned the Instagram snap, which you can check out above.

Our opinion? We love how Katy doesn't shy away from switching up her look and chooses bright hues that totally reflect her personality. (There's a reason the Instagram pic is also emblazoned with the phrase 'I'm an animal!') We're loving the windswept cut as well, giving Katy a carefree, rocker edge. Work it, girl!

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