Katy Perry is turning in a true hair chameleon. The singer transitioned from her signature shiny black locks to a blonde hue this summer, and the gradual change required a stopover at a red shade for a few weeks. Yesterday, Perry switched it up again and was spotted with pink hair. She's changing hair colors at a faster clip than most people change their undergarments!

Celebuzz released a series of pictures of pink-haired Perry as she pumped gas with husband Russell Brand in Los Angeles on Monday, August 1. The singer was photographed in a summery maxi dress, aviator shades and sporting a mid-range pink hue, pulled into a ponytail off her neck and away from her face.

The shade wasn't really hot pink, but it wasn't quite cotton candy, either. It was a muted but pretty pink, mixed with the soft blonde shade she wore at the 'Smurfs' premiere last week. We expect the 'Firework' singer to try and pull off a fluffy, candy-coated hue at this point, simply because she fills her videos and her stage sets with lots of sugary confections -- her hair should be fair game for such coloring, too!

Is it just us or does Perry look best when her locks are a rich shade of black? We think that's her best and boldest color. Frankly, while we love Katy, the blonde (which is her natural shade) was a little boring, but the pink is certainly sassy and more in line with Perry's personality.

Perry was vocal about her displeasure with her temporary red shade. However, in order to get all of he dark pigment out so that she could go as light as she wished, she needed to be red for a minute.

A word of warning to Ms. Perry: There is a science to dying one's hair, and the singer appears to be trading her lush, silky texture in favor of a variety of colors -- which will no doubt wreak havoc on the chemistry of her strands down the road.

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