Katy Perry's videos are like mini movies. You've seen them, you've been immersed in them and now, the singer, who was certified for reaching 100 million views of her videos by VEVO, spoke about the art of making videos and treating them as another layer to the song, as opposed to a mere promotional tool. She also spoke about how she doesn't dramatize her fans, instead trying to be on their level, revealing how fans should act (or react) upon meeting her.

When discussing the process of making vids, the 'Wide Awake' singer said, "It's not just another opportunity to push your song. It's actually another way for me to give it another layer and another branch, and make a mini movie. Whether I have five dollars or a million dollars, I will always try."

She also reveals that she is attracted to the medium since she is a visual learner. "I learned through visual and sound," Perry stated. "I really get it when I see it and I get it when I hear it. For some reason, that's really important for me in how I digest life, learn and evolve. I want to put out really strong visual. There are other people out there and that's how they learn and that's how they are influenced, and that's how they are processing things."

Perry also shared that the vids for 'Firework' and 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' are the two videos that garner the most reaction. It's interesting since they could not be more opposite in their overarching themes.

"The serious reaction is 'Firework,'" Perry said. "And there is a lot of symbolism and vulnerability in the
storyline that's going through it. It's a truthful story, even though it's a harsh reality."

She continued, "On the whole other side of the spectrum is 'Last Friday Night,' which doesn't mean anything. It's about having fun ,having too much of a great time."

Perry also likened the video process to the puns and double entendre in her lyrics. "When I'm writing a song, it's fun for me to take a line and give it two meanings, maybe three, if I am lucky," she said. With a video, she admitted that people get to understand the real true essence and meaning.

The singer also talked about her love of her fans, saying, "When you are young and you have a dream, my simple dream was me wanting to be on stage, sing to as many people as possible and have them sing back the words I wrote. And that was it." The dream came true for Perry, who admits she doesn't coddle her fans.

"I try and be absolutely normal with them," she said. "Fans are great, but a community is what it's about. I try and not categorize them as 'my precious little fans.'" Was that a dig at Lady Gaga and her little monsters? Because that is so how Gaga is with her fans.

She continued," I want to be on their level. They know that when they meet me a lot of times. The fans that know me know that I like to be on the same level so they will talk to me as a regular person, since that's where you are going to get the best of me."

Perry issued a word of warning -- but  not a roadblock -- to crazy fans that go nuts at the sight of her, saying, "If you are freaking out and it's okay, I'll hold you until you're not freaking out anymore. But if you come to me as a cool dude, you're going to get the most conversation and most attention." She finished saying she is happy and grateful for what she has.

Ya hear that, Katy Cats? Approach her like a normal person and it'll be a better experience for you both!

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