Katy Perry is gonna wash those legal problems right outta her hair. The pop diva settled her lawsuit with British hair care line GHD. The two sides were embroiled in a dispute over the singer's claim that the company verbally agreed to extend her contract. It became a real "he said, she said" headache for both sides.

Perry demanded $2 million in payment, claiming that GHD verbally offered to extend their relationship. The company, whose name is an acronym for "good hair day," disputed that claim, saying that it did not have such an agreement in place, that it didn’t want to renew its deal with Perry and that it planned to sever the relationship when the current deal expired. Therefore, GHD said it didn't owe Perry a dime.

GHD struck first and filed a lawsuit to try and block the singer from suing them for the $2 million.

We know, a mess.

The two sides dropped the case and gave up the right to re-file. It is not known if GHD paid up and gave Perry any cash, according to TMZ.

GHD had also said that market research indicated that Europeans were not as into the glossy-haired Perry as they once were and that is why they no longer wanted to have her be their spokesmodel.