News of Katy Perry’s holiday collaboration with fast-fashion retailer H&M first broke back in July, when most people were still thawing from winter. It’s nearly December now, and they’ve finally released a two-minute long commercial starring Katy and others as a slew of non-denominational, vaguely holiday-inspired characters.

“Every Day Is A Holiday,” Katy's new '90s house-influenced jam rumored to be produced by Duke Dumont, soundtracks the spot. The commercial sees Katy sporting an array of costumes — she starts out as a magic fairy with festive green hair, eventually turns into a marching toy soldier, pops out of a bright gold gift box and finishes the commercial as it first began, flitting above the rest with her fairy wings.

The video is very on-brand for Katy: A fun overload of wacky, kitschy visuals that build on each other with no clear point in mind. By the end of the clip, it's a mildly terrifying mishmash of forced holiday cheer -- overgrown gingerbread men lumber around, enormous teddy bears wearing "I'm With Happy" and "I'm With Merry" sweaters dance, the male model who was in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video makes an appearance. So casual, so seasonally appropriate, so cool.

Check out Katy's H&M commercial in the video above and then consider: Is this highly-stimulating commercial a little much for you, too? Or is the two-minute snippet of her song "Every Day Is A Holiday" already stuck in your head? Are you looking forward to seeing a condensed version of this commercial on television every few minutes? Let us know!

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