Katy Perry told InStyle in her October issue cover story that she ordered a reclining dentist chair so she could lay down (and relax) while having her glam squad apply her flawless make up while on tour. Perhaps that chair was used when the chameleon-like singer headed to Knott's Scary Farm in Southern California recently.

Perry tweeted a photo of herself rocking full skeleton makeup. If this is her Halloween costume, the 'The One That Got Away' singer is celebrating the holiday super early. It looks like a professional graphic artist created Perry's look in this photo. It's practically 3-D! The last time we saw a skeleton look so sexy was Lady Gaga -- in a tux, mind you -- featured in the 'Born This Way' video. It looks like perfect airbrushing and even her neck looks, well, skeleton-like. And when it all comes down to it, this is just Perry's exaggerated take on the classic smoky-eye look!

With her pink hair looking sort of blond (and muted) and a black and grey striped sweater, Perry presents herself like any other girl hitting up a Halloween-themed fright park during October! Only her makeup looks professionally applied. She should just take a part-time job as one of the scary people who pops out from behind a tree with a chainsaw and scares the living crap out of patrons and customers!

Perry also tweeted another photo of herself with some other ghoulish, zombie-like friends, deeming it "the scariest night of my life."

A ghoulish, skeleton-style image certainly agrees with Katy Perry. For a hot second, she looks like a member of a punk rock band, right?