Things appear to be getting serious for Katy Perry and her BF, serial-dater-of-famous-women John Mayer. The twosome toured Perry's hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif. earlier this week. What's more romantic than cruising up and down the Cali coast in one of the most weather-friendly cities known to man?

We have to mention the fact that Perry and her man were in close proximity to the Hudson fam -- Hudson is Perry's real last name -- which means maybe, just maybe, Mayer came home with her to meet the 'rents. It would stand to reason that if they were in her hometown, they might stop by old homestead for a hello and a homecooked meal, right?

That would be a rather serious step in this relationship, which neither of them have much discussed despite the constant influx of photos of them together doing cute, date-like things.

Perry and Mayer certainly seem to suit one another, even though the tabs having them breaking up as often as they're making up.

PopCrushers, judging from the photos, do you think Perry and Mayer are serious? Will these two last? Is a duet on the horizon?

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