A science fiction-influenced, futuristic spectacle unfolded before our very eyes on the 'American Idol' stage tonight as Katy Perry ripped a page out of the Lady Gaga playbook tonight during an otherworldly performance of her hit single 'E.T.'

It was a spectacular production that probably cost a fortune, but man, you couldn't take your eyes off it! Nice job, Mrs. Russell Brand. Perry, decked out like an amalgam of a futuristic space queen and alien creature with a lighted bodysuit, was carried on stage and then joined by a cavalcade of dancers.

As if that wasn't enough, rapper Kanye West showed up, mid-song, in a previously unannounced appearance. He's in the video and also on the radio edit of the song, so we maybe, sort of, should have expected it, but we were still surprised and stoked to see him!

Perry wore a silver crown, while West was decked out in a fur-trimmed jacket and just about stole the show despite all the sci-fi scenery. The verdict is in - Katy and Kanye are quite the onstage couple, separately and together oozing enough chemistry to choke a horse.  The duo made us want to get back to the future over and over again!

Watch Katy Perry and Kanye West perform 'E.T.' on 'American Idol'