Katy Perry supported the troops and brought joy -- and pathogens -- to the United States Naval Academy. In a performance for the Annapolis, Md. on Friday night (April 19). She saluted one especially lucky sea man with a smooch, which was captured on video."I like a nice, crisp crease, that's for sure," Perry, donning sparkly sailor gear, said to massive cheers. She began hitting on "Mr. Beasley" mercilessly. "How old are you, Mr. Beasley?" she asked in a girlier tone than her normal speaking voice.

When he replied, "20," Perry looked at the crowd with an amused sense of faux shock. "Is this legal?" She turned back to Beasley and said, "Well, I'm a little bit older than you, but it's alright. I can be your Mrs. Robinson." The crowd went absolutely nuts at this point, and Beasley was glowing with a mixture of joy and utter disbelief, nodding and smiling silently.

"Now Beasley, listen," Perry said, "I'll have to forewarn you. If I told you I had a cold, if I told you I flew here with 101.8 temperature, would you still be alright with that?" We can't think of many men who wouldn't mind catching a cold or a fever from the 'Part of Me' singer, and Beasley sure didn't.

Perry drove the crowd even more wild when she offered her specific proposition to Beasley. "You know that iconic pose, when they're getting off the ships and stuff?" she asked. The pair then took the iconic pose and smooched onstage for everyone to see.

Cute stuff! We just wonder if her new boyfriend got jealous.

Watch Katy Perry Kissing a Sailor