Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey performed at the 2012 Echo Awards in Germany last night (March 22), bringing two totally different doses of American pop to the stage.

Perry's performance was like a firework, to borrow the title from one of her biggest hits. She crackled, performing 'Part of Me' in a silvery bodysuit that showed off her killer body. Her hair was pulled into a high, genie-like ponytail atop her head. She made like Willow and whipped that thing.

Perry gave off a fierceness while surrounded by male dancers, strutting across the stage like a female warrior. While she wrote the song before her split with Russell Brand, we can't help but think her marriage meltdown is manifesting a bit in her performances. The song still feels like it references him and she bounded across the Echo stage like she owned it, like a newly independent and single woman.

Del Rey, on the other hand, performed the slow, thoughtful 'Video Games.' This appearance is the reason that she had to pre-tape her 'American Idol' performance, which aired last night, as well. We still think she should have postponed one or the other in order do 'Idol' live and thus shut up the haters, since the lack of live prowess is a recurring concern about her. Nevertheless, LDR sang 'Video Games' and was the polar opposite of the exuberant Perry. No, it's not a bad thing, just different.

Wearing a geometric white dress, Del Rey remained immobile while singing, save for some swaying. LDR has wisely embraced that position while performing. It's often a criticism of her, that she remains stationary and thus bores people when singing live. However, she is owning it instead of changing and that's the best way to silence the detractors. Like her 'Idol' performance, it was sublime and elegant, but not a "Wow."

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Part of Me' at the 2012 Echo Awards

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Video Games' at the 2012 Echo Awards