Ole! Pop diva Katy Perry has added yet another head-turning cover to her ever-expanding global portfolio of magazine speads and features. She is now appearing on the cover of the July/August edition of L'Uomo Vogue, dressed as a matador, complete with a fancy, ornate and embroidered jacket. If you mess with the bull, you're going to get the horns. If you mess with Perry, you're going to get that sexy stare. 

This cover is stark thematic contrast to the singer's Hollywood Reporter cover, but it's every bit as gorgeous and glam. It's like her DNA prevents her from ever looking ordinary.

For the striking cover of the Italian edition of the fashion bible, she's rocking serious finger waves and looks ready to grab her red blanket and taunt the bull. Charge! She could tame a ripping and snorting bull with those bedroom eyes, though.

In the accompanying spread, Perry has ditched her fluffy, candy-coated and confectionary style in favor of a variety of classic, '20s style looks as well as a futuristic one. The shot where she's rocking a militaristic uniform is both modern and "vintage," while the image of her with sunglasses and a chin strap is both futuristic and somewhat dominatrix-style, as well.

Perry also reminds us a bit of actress Louis Brooks with her dark, cropped, severely bobbed hair and that dark, smoldering painted pout.