Katy Perry, known for being a hair color chameleon who changes the shade and shape of her locks with increasing frequency, is a pitchwoman for GHD, a hair tools company. So it's part of her gig to transform into an exotic and colorful mermaid with shiny, pinkish purply locks in print ads for the company. Here, she is an aquatic goddess.

This particular ad is for one of the line's blow dryers and it is exclusive to the U.K. We're loving the hand-embroidered tail and jewel-encrusted bodice. Perry the sea nymph is leaning against a tree stump, with a bridge in the background and the aforementioned blow dryer in the foreground. The colorful mermaid dress isn’t too far removed from other outrageous red carpet ensembs Perry has donned as her fame has grown. Couldn't you totally see her repurposing this sea creature gown for the Grammys or some other event? Yeah, you could!

The newly-single Perry spoke to Us Weekly about the specifics of shooting the campaign, saying, "I love it because I'm such a fan of the Disney movies. Ariel is such a big influence. It's always fun to dress up once in your lifetime as a mermaid and have that fish fin tail."

David LaChapelle, the photographer who sued Katy's bestie Rihanna for copying off his visual work with her 'S&M' video, shot the ad. Wonder if KP gave him an earful for the drama with RiRi, which was actually settled out of court. She probably didn't -- she's a pro.

Perry was beyond stoked for another transformation and one that didn't involve bedazzled scales. She said, "It was fun –- I got to have purple hair which foreshadowed the real purple hair I had last fall. It's as if Lisa Frank had done 'The Little Mermaid.'"

If you are dying to recreate Perry's makeup look from this ad, well, the artist from the shoot shared her secrets. You ready, ladies? Jo Bailey used teal cream shadow and mixed different hued glitters to create her sultry eyes. She paired bright pink cheeks with glossy coral lips.

Makes you want to dive right in and go swimming with Katy Perry, doesn't it?