Are Katy Perry and Paula Deen really the same person? Are they actually distant cousins and we never knew? Has the songstress been playing a cruel joke on us, and living a secret life in Savannah as the butter-guzzlin' Food Network star? 

Someone genius on the Internet recently realized that Katy Perry and Paula Deen's faces are essentially exactly the same -- this is your future, Katy -- and we were like, "HOLY S--T, I THINK I'M GOING CRAZY." We couldn't believe how perfectly their features match up, and we've created some more photographic proof for their "twinsie" status below.

Check out pictures of Paula Deen as Katy Perry, Katy Perry as Paula Deen, and some side-by-side comparisons of the two (like K.P. as a gray-haired grandma next to the Krispy Kreme burger goddess riding a stick of butter) below. Warning, this can't be unseen.

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