In one of the most anticipated performances of the 2012 MuchMusic Video AwardsKaty Perry and her Barney the purple dinosaur-colored hair appeared on stage to perform 'Wide Awake.' She was wearing what looked like a kimono-like outfit, but it's Katy Perry, so we weren't exactly positive about the outfit.

Her performance was... less than stellar. She missed the high notes more than 90% of the time and had a difficult time holding said notes, but again, it's Katy Perry, so we kind of already knew what we'd be getting. It sounds mean, we know, but it doesn't help that the song is a ballad and there's not much to do choreography-wise to spruce it up/distract viewers from her flat notes.

But then things really bad when she removed her not-sure-if-it-was-a-kimono to reveal a sparkly one piece reminiscent of Britney Spears from her 'Toxic' video. We became a little territorial because, let's face it, Queen Britney did it better and you can't even deny it. We applaud Perry's effort though, in trying to give her performance a little more "oomph!"

But in reality, if Perry spent half as much time practicing her notes and strengthening her vocal chords, as she does on her extravagent costumes and choices of hair color, we'd be confident that she would give an amazing performance. On the plus side, she did win an award earlier so... silver lining?

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Wide Awake' at the 2012 MMVAs