Katy Perry is stirring up trouble, but none of it's her fault. Photos of the multi-plantinum star have caused a $3 million legal feud between celebrity photo agency Mavrix and CraveOnline Media.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mavrix is accusing CraveOnline of using unauthorized copyrighted images of the pop singer. The company claims CraveOnline's Idontlikeyouinthatway website has reproduced and publicly publicly displayed "copyright protected photographs belonging to Mavrix on numerous occasions" without its permission.

Mavrix argues that the images earned profits for the media company and its websites, as they can "effectively monetize the content on their websites by securing eyeballs on the sites which translates to ad revenue."

However, CraveOnline isn't Mavrix's only target -- the company has filed nine other copyright infringement suits over the course of two years. The crackdown involves charges made against The Daily Mail and MSNBC's website, but the latter suit was eventually dropped.

Perry also ignited a similar case last year in which Mavrix sued the pop culture site Fanpop for posting 21 bikini pics of the 'Teenage Dream' singer while on vacation. That lawsuit was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.

Mavrix is seeking $3 million in damages for copyright infringement, as well as an injunction to stop CraveOnline from using its photos in the future.