Well, after watching the short Katy Perry made for PopChips, we can safely say she won't be winning any Oscars, but that doesn't mean her fight against Fat Cat and his greasy snacks wasn't totally entertaining.

The short begins with Perry rapping in bright purple onesie, "We got nine lives, going up against fried / We're Katy and the PopCats rollin' in our ride / Hackin' all the systems, diffusing all the bombs / We're so fly we got our own theme song / Poppin' those chips and we're shuttin' down fried / Ain't afraid of bad guys 'cause we got nine lives / Meeeowww."

She and her KatyCats then attempt to thwart Fat Cat who is armed with lasers and kitty toys, but they are no match for the PopCats! Do Katy and her feline compatriots foil FatCat and his greasy snacks? You'll have to watch and see!