Katy Perry never stops! The singer is filming another music video, having only released the military-themed 'Part of Me' clip a few weeks ago.

The singer tweeted about the shoot without sharing many specifics. She revealed that she was on her third day of shooting and that she needed to pick a costume from her California Dreams tour for one of the last scenes of the shoot. While Perry did not divulge the most critical detail -- like which song the video is for -- one can assume it's either 'Wide Awake' or 'Dressin' Up' from 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.' We're going to go with 'Wide Awake' -- it's seriously catchy and uplifting. She is really promoting the album's reissue until the very end and we can't say we blame her. She's churned out hit after hit. Why stop now?

Her first tweet read: "3rd long a-- day of shooting... The new music video!!!!! #workinggirl" We doubt this shoot was harder than 'Part of Me,' where she transformed into Private Perry in the Marines!

She followed up asking fans their opinions on the costuming. She posted: "About to shoot one of the last scenes for the music video... I have to pick a costume from the Cali Dreams Tour, which would u pick? #KP3D"

There are so many confectionary creations to choose from, but we're really excited to see the latest Perry vid and to find out which song it's for. Knowing Perry, she'll want to top what she did last. That's good news for KatyCats.