Katy Perry is still working singles from 2010's 'Teenage Dream,' which had yielded smash hit after smash hit, but the singer is also hard at work on a top secret musical endeavor concurrently. Turns out, this special secret project is related to Perry's 'Dream,' too.

MTV reports that Perry and Tricky Stewart, one of her 'Dream' collaborators, are holed up in the studio, tackling some new tunes that are recycled leftovers from the 'Teenage Dream' sessions. There has to be some magical juju in the songs that didn’t make the record, especially since that album has yielded hit after hit after hit after hit after hit, and Perry and her team are looking for the album's sixth No. 1 single.

The knob twiddler told MTV that "Katy and I went into [the studio] just to address some issues with records that we had done in the past that didn't end up going on 'Teenage Dream.' So we are in the process of just listening and freshening up things and getting ready for something special she has going on."

Something special? Like what? That is something that Stewart was not at liberty to reveal. Whether he knows the details and has been sworn to secrecy or not is a whole other matter. He took the high road, saying, "I don't know what it is, but I know she has something going on because she wants to be in the studio. So that's good ... I can tell you that Katy likes the studio again; that's always a good thing."

He did share the title of a single song they are working on, called 'Dressing Up.' He revealed, "It definitely fits. It's right there in what her sensibilities are as a musician and a songwriter. She doesn't change much. She has a very keen musical taste. It'll be really good."

It's always good when Katy Perry is involved.

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