Katy Perry launched the countdown to her Prismatic World Tour with an image of one of her costumes, designed by Valentino. Female Katy Cats that love the singer's look and style (and like to copy it) will certainly be anxious to see this fabulous outfit.

It's a billowing and flowy floral robe and we can't wait to see the actual physical translation of the sketched design onto Perry's famously curvy body while on the stage. Obviously, a flowing robe won't highlight those signature curves, but it's still a gorgeous design and one that will flatter her natural beauty.

Perry is going supremely high-low with her fashion for this tour. She has a Valentino design for the stage, with 'Prism'-branded accessories to be sold at mall retailer Claire's throughout the next two years. The 'ROAR' singer is hitting all fashion and style price points and giving her fans plenty of looks to be inspired by.

Perry captioned the image: "Let's start the 10 day countdown with a little couture @maisonvalentino #theprismaticworldtour."

Then she shared this image.

It's amazing, right? She is such a style star. Since she has ditched the confectionary look of her last album and tour cycle, we expect to see the same level and degree of fabulousness from Perry on tour, just with a more accessible, less 'Candyland'-like vibe.

Go ahead, have a look at the first tour outfit.