"If you got it, flaunt it," is what we always say, and Katy Perry flaunts it like a pro on the cover of Cosmopolitan Australia's October issue.

The 'T.G.I.F' worldwide superstar looks devilishly sexy in a red bra halter and tight black skirt, and just in time for Halloween, too. Perry has never had a problem showing off her in-shape body, and who can blame her? Against a red background, and with her signature raven hair color, Miss Katy Perry shines, and the color contrast really highlights her ice-blue eyes.

If you're able to make it past the cover and make it to the revealing interview inside, you'll find out how Katy has "grown up, evolved and changed," as well as what she thinks of 'Glee' tackling multiple covers of her hit tunes, dueting with John Mayer and the most daredevil stunt she ever tried -- marrying her husband, Russell Brand.

Katy's red-and-fabulous Cosmo is on stands soon, but only Down Under. Sorry!