In what should have been a time of joy and celebration for Katy Perry, the People's Choice Awards are now another source of tabloid divorce drama. Perry is scheduled to make her first post-split appearance at the ceremony -- and now reports are circulating saying ex husband Russell Brand is now uninvited to the event.

U.K. tabloid the Mirror reports that Brand, Perry's husband of 14 months, has been nixed from the People's Choice Awards following news of his divorce filing. However, this isn't necessarily Perry's doing. A source told the mag, “It will be Katy’s big night, a prelude to the Grammys, and now Russell has been strangely left off the list of attendees for the high-profile event."

Hmm, that source sounds a lot like a P.R. plant to us -- who actually talks like that in real life? In any case, the source continues, "It was always going to be awkward for organizers in any case after their shock decision to split. But in order to avoid any awkwardness or confrontation Russ is no longer on the list.”

Though it's not as dramatic an explanation as most of the internet would like to hear, it certainly makes a lot of sense. Brand isn't nominated for any awards, nor is he presenting -- and he's a bit of a low key homebody, so he likely has little incentive to attend. In addition, Brand is already almost done moving out of the Los Angeles mansion he shared with Perry, so he may not even be in L.A. for the show anyway.

It certainly is a big night for Perry, who is up for seven awards including Favorite Female Artist. We hope that she's keeping her head up during this difficult time. Hopefully a victory -- or seven -- will cheer her up!