While the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards turned out to be Katy Perry's night, she still treated the big event like a public date night with husband Russell Brand. After all, the pink-haired 'Firework' singer did need some help carrying her two Moonmen statues home, right?

Perry, 26, married Brand, 36, just under a year ago and the newlyweds AKA Hollywood power couple remain inseparable. Us Weekly reports that "Russell and Katy were by each other's side all night," with a source confirming that the lovey dovey couple "had their arms linked and their hands intertwined. They seemed really happy and were just smiling and beaming at each other."

The Brands' PDAs extended beyond the clasping of hands and arms. "They were whispering in each other's ears and giggling -- it looked like they had private jokes to share," the source also said. This doesn't seem like any sort of "revelation," as Perry and Brand are young, happy and madly in love enough to be married!

However, Brand did beam with pride when his bride notched her first award. The source said the comedian looked "genuinely touched, almost tearful," while Perry was just as proud of her man when he took the stage to deliver an impassioned speech about his late friend Amy Winehouse before the musical tribute to the singer.

Perry even addressed how Brand handled the tribute, telling the press that "not only was he providing the beautiful color palette that Amy was, but also providing a realistic point of view and giving hope to anybody out there that felt like they needed hope."

Perry paid her hubby another compliment, saying, "I thought it was really well-rounded and smart, and that's why I married him. He is smart and I learn a lot."

Aw, you guys! So in love, so fashionable and so famous.