The North American leg of Katy Perry's California Dreams tour kicked off in June, but after running throughout Europe, the singer wanted to make sure the show was fresh for her US fans. So, in her latest tour video, the singer and her crew explain how "Tour.0" was revamped for masses.

"Tour.0 is the re-envisioned version of the California Dreams tour," says concert director Baz Halpin. "We had obviously toured Europe, Australia and the Far East, and now we've come back to the States [and] we've made it bigger, better and more wonderful."

Three more trucks were added to Perry's fleet, which means additional stage hands were hired for the over-the-top production. The tour boasts a new layout, two new dancers and plenty of additional foam and pyrotechnics to make the show a memorable experience.

"If you don't like kittens or cotton candy, get the f--- out!" Perry jokes with a crew member before tripping backstage. "See, that's the Lord right there!"

Fans also get a glimpse of the singer rehearsing with her dancers and trying on brand-new costumes for this leg of the tour. "She loves challenging us, that Katheryn Perry," says the pop star's stylist, Johnny.

"To be honest, I think Katy would get bored if something stayed the same for too long, which is wonderful for all of us," Halpin adds. "This tour is running for over a year so it's great that every time that it goes back to a new territory it's gotten bigger and it's different and there's new elements added, and it's Katy making sure that everybody gets a fresh perspective and fresh new show every time they go see it."

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