Superstar or not, when you get asked to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, you cry like a baby. And Katy Perry held nothing back about her emotional reaction during a recent interview.

"Oh, I was weeping," she recalled of the mind-blowing phone call from the NFL. "And I was weeping all day, actually. I could kind of well up right now."

With her emotions riding high, it's only natural that Katy would be just a little bit nervous about her performance -- especially considering more than 100 million people tuned into the show last year. Whew!

"Can I be honest and say, 'YES'? Can I be human and say 'YES, I will be nervous?'" Katy joked. "But I am going to recycle those nerves and make them adrenaline."

And that's just what the 'Roar' singer does -- in fact, it may actually describe her entire career in a nutshell.

"I feel like I've out-dreamt my dream," she said. "I came from nothing and I created this world and I made it myself, with my own strength."

Katy Cats, check out Katy Perry's Super Bowl-centric interview above, where she also talks about the aspects of her performance that she's most excited for -- and she reveals a big name, A-list special guest! Eek.

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