Did Katy Perry take to Twitter to leak her own brand new song? Keep dreaming, Katycats.

Rumors began circulating online a few weeks ago about a supposed new song that Katy was reportedly set to perform at the 2015 Super Bowl. To make things even more interesting, it was also said that the song was supposed to be a diss track geared toward Taylor Swift. (The reasoning? In case you've been living in a cave on Neptune for the past few month, Taylor's song 'Bad Blood' is widely rumored to be about Katy.) No one knows where these rumors originated from, but they certainly exist and gained quite a bit of traction.

Naturally, Katy addressed them as only Katy can: by treating it like a total joke and pretending to leak the track on her own. She posted the song -- which has no title other than 'Katy Perry Leaked Superbowl Song 2015' -- which has pretty appropriate lyrics like, "I like to watch the football game / It makes me totally insane."

The song is pretty obviously not by Katy or Lenny Kravitz (who is supposedly featured on the track, cue more laughter here), but we love that Katy always manages to have a sense of humor about herself.

You can take a listen to the bogus song above!

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