Even the President of the United States can't beat the success of hits like 'Teenage Dream' and 'TGIF.' Katy Perry has just toppled President Obama in Twitter followers, proving that her popularity is unmatched.

Just weeks ago, Obama was a couple hundred thousand ahead of of the cotton candy-haired songstress. But with five No. 1 singles from the 'Teenage Dream' record under her belt and plans to beat the King of Pop's record with her sixth single 'The One Who Got Away,' it was only a matter of time before she would beat out the Prez.

Katy's recent domination puts her in the top ranks in terms of Twitter followers, just behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. According to Twitter counter, Katy Perry is currently ranked third with almost 10.5 million and counting. Gaga and The Biebs are still leagues ahead with over 14 million and 13 million followers, respectively. But give Barack some credit -- he is still ahead of Brit Brit, Shakira, Taylor Swift and even reality star Kim Kardashian.

Could the success of a sixth No. 1 single catapult Katy Perry into the first or second slot on Twitter? Only time will tell!