If you've been dying to learn to play the acoustic version of Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away,' check out the new lyric video for the song. The video displays not only the words, but also the chord changes, so that amateur guitarists can play along.

The clip isn't visually as innovative as some lyric videos, but that's because the real focus here is the guitar chords, which appear in the lower left while pink-colored text displays the words in the middle on a white background. The cool thing is that even fans who don't know how to play the guitar can give it a shot, since the video includes the name and finger positions for each chord.

Best of all, Katy is encouraging her fans to record and upload their own covers of the song and promises that the best ones will be featured on her Facebook page and turned into a YouTube playlist.

The acoustic recording of 'The One That Got Away' is very similar to the live rendition Perry presented at the American Music Awards, where she played a pink guitar and earned a standing ovation for her subdued performance.

Watch the Katy Perry Lyric / Chord Video