If you are dying to go behind the scenes of 'The One That Got Away,' which is Katy Perry's sixth video from 'Teenage Dream,' then we've got good news. The pop diva has granted your wish (and then some) with four clips that reveal lots of little details about Perry's prosthetic transformation from a young, edgy girl in love to a buttoned-up, sad and wistful elderly woman.

On day one of the shoot, Perry reveals she had written the treatment for the video, but director Floria Sigismondi, with whom she worked on the vid for 'E.T.,' had changed it up. Sigismondi said, "I wanted to make a story about a woman where the stakes are higher than even the love lost. What if you could have done something different, said something, said 'I'm sorry,' or to not have the lover leave. The pride getting in the way of what she truly wanted to say and didn't get out."

In this clip, we learn the video was also filmed in reverse sequence. The crash scene was shot first. Perry was hesitant about crashing "a gorgeous beautiful black Mustang that should not be crashed, but we had to do it." There were three black muscle cars on set, too! Perry also reveals that how she looks as "young Katy" in the video is how she used to look in 2007. There's not much of a difference -- Perry is so genetically blessed.

For day two, the crew shot young Katy visiting old Katy, with the earlier version realizing what she had become. Perry says that the inspiration for the younger version consists of two female rock 'n' roll icons: Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde. The makeup team also shows how the prosthetic masks were made from Perry's face to age her significantly. It's a hoot to see Perry's "glam squad" slather her with a blue substance and take a mold of her face to make the prostheses that much more authentic.

During day three of the shoot, we find out that old Katy has a Mustang and feels the presence of young Katy all around her. We get a keener sense of the older version of the character. Sigismondi speaks about how they had to ace the take where young Katy ruins her lover's paintings. The tension can be seen in the finished product and in this behind-the-scenes peek.

On day four, we follow young Katy and her boyfriend while they crash a wedding. Sigismondi wanted her characters to seem out of place, and to have them experience a different culture and older people. One of the extras even quotes one of Perry's best-known lyrical sentiments, saying, "I kissed a Latvian girl and I liked it" in another language. As shooting wraps, Perry says everyone is sweaty, tired and smells!

All in four days work!


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