Katy Perry has premiered a teaser clip for her upcoming video for 'The One That Got Away.' The actual video drops on Nov. 11, but the preview gives you an idea of the general theme of the video. From what we can see, Katy is kind of channeling 'The Notebook,' with the songstress dressed as a old woman as flashbacks of her younger self flow through her aging mind.

In the teaser clip, Katy is pictured with a male love interest. The duo are seen cuddling, kissing and embracing each other in their studio apartment. Soon, it becomes clear that Katy is having flashbacks of her lover, who is clearly 'The One That Got Away.' Wrinkled hands can be seen stirring a cup of tea as a withered voice says, "The past is like a handful of dust. It filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little."

The fast-paced preview shows a Katy dancing around the apartment, which is filled with artwork, in a pink dress. She and her man look like they are madly in love, but soon they begin fighting and their romance falls apart. As the song plays in the background, the older version of Katy is seen standing atop a mountain looking at the scenic view. As the teaser clip comes to a close, she says, "I wish for one day I could go back. In another life, I would do things differently."

Get ready -- this one looks like it could be a tear-jerker. Stay tuned for the full-length video, premiering on Nov. 11.

Watch the Katy Perry 'The One That Got Away' Video Teaser