'The One That Got Away' is Katy Perry's sixth single from 'Teenage Dream' and she once again reminisces about a teenage love.

Built on a relentless drum beat, a music box melody and Perry's breathy voice, the song celebrates "Summer after high school / When we first met / We'd make out in your Mustang / To Radiohead" before they got matching tattoos and stole his parents liquor. The most poignant lyrical declaration? "Talk about the future / Like we had a clue." Oh, to be young and in love, with nothing ahead of you but possibility! This song most certainly pays homage to that feeling.

The song is a mid-tempo pop ditty that plays to Perry's strengths. The knockout beat carries through the song, as Perry wistfully recalls what could and should have been. The bridge of the song finds Perry singing, "The oooooone / That got away" and there's a wave of sadness to it. It was wise of Perry's label to release this particular song during the back-to-school period, since this tune will certainly appeal to high schoolers and college freshman who are experiencing the very things Perry is singing about.

The cover art for features Perry looking up at the sky, perhaps deep in thought and remembering the one that actually did get away from her. The bubblegum pink waves are in tact, and she is wearing a fashion-forward hat, giving off a decidedly classic (and classy) look that is a throwback to the '50s.

The song was released as a vehicle to help Perry notch her sixth No. 1 single from her latest album, which would make chart history, as she is currently tied with the venerable Michael Jackson for most No. 1 singles from one album with five.

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