Two major stars dropped new music videos this month and we're super excited. Besties Katy Perry and Rihanna always put out amazing visuals to accompany their songs, and their videos for 'Unconditionally' and 'What Now' are no exception. Which music video do you like better?

Katy Perry followed up her empowering single 'Roar' with the power ballad, 'Unconditionally.' Unlike the tongue-in-cheek theme of 'Roar,' 'Unconditionally' has a timeless vibe. The video includes shots like Katy singing in the snow and surrounded by ballroom dancers. The visual complements Katy's crazy-awesome vocals, letting her really own the song.

Rihanna's ultra-steamy 'Pour It Up' video is a tough act to follow, but the singer is up to the challenge. Primarily shot in black and white, 'What Now' showcases Rihanna at her best: Stripped down and smoldering at the camera. A few special effects are worked in the final product, but the core of the video is Rihanna's captivating stage presence.

Which video do you like better? Vote for Katy or Rihanna in the poll below!

Watch the Katy Perry 'Unconditionally' Video

Watch the Rihanna 'What Now' Video