We love nothing more than when our favorite pop stars reach out to fans on Twitter.

Whether it be sharing funny anecdotes or snapping personal pics, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez always know how to make us feel like they could be our BFFs. Which of these charismatic pop stars is more fun to follow on Twitter?

There's no way around it -- Katy Perry is hilarious. Just look at any one of her tongue-in-cheek music videos or her candy-coated stage costumes. She's never afraid to laugh at herself, a trait which we find absolutely endearing. Her Twitter is no different. She jokes with fans! She posts inspirational quotes! She knows how to party, apparently!

Selena Gomez is well-aware that her loyal fans play a huge part in her success and you better believe... girlfriend is grateful! A quick scroll through her Twitter feed shows countless photos with admirers along with "thank you"s from Sel. Awww! Although the 'Slow Down' singer's style has only been getting more glam this year, she's not afraid to point out when the sparkles get, uh, out of control.

Which of these charming beauties will you retweet? Vote for your fave Twitterer in the poll below!