The latest taste of Katy Perry's 'Prism' is 'Walking on Air,' an EDM-lite song that steps a bit outside of Perry's more straightforwardly pop comfort zone. It's what we'd expect a David Guetta or an Avicii song featuring Katy Perry to sound like, since it's so heavily reliant on the computer-created beats.

Plus, you can dance to it. It's not on the level of a true, hard and fast banger (or 'Bangerz' for that matter), but it is an upbeat, uptempo track.

Perry's airy vocals are supported by the backup vox of a supremely soulful diva, channeling the dance pop hits of the '80s -- think C+C Music Factory and 'Gonna Make You Sweat.' Remember the powerhouse backup vocals? This song has those.

Perry is surely nodding to that era with 'Walking on Air.'

There are a few moments in the song where Perry stretches in an attempt to hit some higher notes but her voice is a bit too thin to go that high. But hey, at least she had the guts to try it.

If you've been hoping for Katy Perry to deliver a song that is rooted in '80s dance pop while playing with conventions of modern EM, 'Walking on Air' is it.

It's not nearly as addictive or as catchy as 'ROAR' or as sultry as 'Dark Horse,' but it's a different side of Perry.

Listen to Katy Perry, 'Walking on Air'