So much for letting the light in! Katy Perry's chart-topping album 'Prism' has been labeled a biohazard in Australia. No, not for the frothy pop songs contained on the album being considered a hazard to ears -- as if -- but for the seed packets that are included with the record.

Seed packets?

Yep! Perry included them in the album to encourage her fans to plant trees and spread the light. What a great idea, right? Well, on paper, yes.

The seeds contained in the deluxe version packaging of the album, which also debuted at No. 1 in Oz, are considered a risk for Aussie folk. WTF?

Well, that version of the record was manufactured overseas and imported into Australia. The Department of Agriculture viewed the seeds as a biosecurity concern, as the country has very strict guidelines, regulations and rules regarding plant materials that did not originate Down Under.

Biosecurity officers are required to inspect international copies of the album to assess the level of risk.

The good news is that a local version of the album, produced in Australia, holds seeds harvested from the western region of the country and are therefore considered harmless.

Can we get an "Ooops!?"